No. 1

Aside from writing one post in the blog my husband create about Ethiopia, I have never done this and supposed I never would. I admit to hating my computer, the phone and virtually any form of electronics, yet I still need these things. So this blog has been created today for the purpose of working out my struggles, questions, dreams, fears, insecurities, and aspirations. Seeking the risk of failure and desire for redemption, I will allow myself to be laid bare, to be transparent because this is what I seek in others. 

I use to laugh and roll my eyes at mid-life. It was a farce and I had time. But something has switched. A sudden urgency has filled my days and I’m acutely aware of the limits and parameters only God knows. 

So, here goes…

I am a wife and mother to four kiddos. A daughter, friend and neighbor. A Christ follower. An introvert. I follow the rules, but hate to be told to abide by them – a rebel? An adventure seeker, trail wonderer, noticer of details and lover of solitude and books and pen and paper.

Requests for painting toenails has already interrupted this post, so with a thankful heart for nails to paint, I’ll go.Image

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