Fight ( a 5 Minute Friday Blog Post)

This one leaves me bare, but here goes…

Stinging wind, white powder flies up and scatters. Where, I don’t know. I missed it, looked away. The below freezing temperatures, family sickness and fender bender I caused finds me fighting. In the world of fight or flight, I want to soar straight away up through looming storm clouds, popping up on the other sun filled side.

I remember spending nearly a month in my twenties, in a foreign land, not knowing which direction was East – where was the blamed sun? It took three weeks to find it and soak up every last second.

Only two weeks into it, winter threatens me, bites at my skin and tries to swallow me whole. I saw the beautiful warm glow today, yet on the drive home, an impressive, thick cover of grey and black crept in so slowly I could not see it move. It said, “I’m bringing more snow and even colder winds. How do you like me now?” I answered back, “Go away!”

So, digger deeper, drinking more coffee, reading more stories and ordering essential oils to ward off the sting and remind me of brighter days I know I will see again.

One thought on “Fight ( a 5 Minute Friday Blog Post)

  1. Dionna Sanchez (@DionnaSanchez) January 6, 2014 / 8:32 pm

    Winter is tough. I just recently moved to a warmer locale and even though, we too, are having some cold days – it has done so much for my soul! Do what you can to bring cheer to your soul until those warmer days return.

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