It’s Friday, so in my efforts to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard in a much greater capacity, here is the next 5 Minute Friday post on the single word, “Visit.”

I ran into my neighbor at school today. We stopped, with the usual greetings, and the next thing she said was, “I feel like I haven’t seen you in such a long time!” We literally live right across the road from one another. My first thought was, “That’s so sad.” It’s -15 degrees below in the middle of a very cold winter so of course, we don’t see each other much at all. A visit even across the street is out of the question these days.

I miss the unannounced visits we’d get from dear friends. Just stopping by, saying, “Hope you don’t mind, thought we’d pop by and see what you were up to.” I remember these times with my grandparents. Great Aunts and Uncles or neighbors might stop in just to say hello.  You know, long ago, before computers, cell phones, twitter, instagram, etc. We use to stop what we were doing and visit with each other. I miss the visit. Especially the unplanned, my -house- is- a- mess, whatever we have on hand kind.


2 thoughts on “Visit

  1. Laura Hedgecock January 24, 2014 / 11:29 pm

    You’re so right! I miss when the kids were little and the door was never locked and people would just pop in.
    Enjoyed your post!

  2. jenpcv January 25, 2014 / 4:05 am

    Sometimes it seems as if technology makes it so much harder to really connect…to visit, in a sense! Lovely post. Reminds me of all the unexpected visits to my friends’ houses when I was little, and how much fun we’d have surprising each other!

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