Once again, a 5 minute Friday post. 5 minutes to write about one word, unedited – just write. This fun way to keep my tapping my fingers is the genius of Lisa-Jo Baker. Look her up – she blogs about motherhood, the most challenging and rewarding job around, and is a great source of encouragement.

This week’s word: CHOOSE …

I have to admit sitting, fingers posed, looking on a clear blue sky, tops of bare trees that want to scream out their beautiful buds and come to life, my mind wandering to the impending snow storm hours away. Nothing. A few things pop into my head, but no, that’s not it. A slide show begins to grow in my mind’s eye, but it’s on rewind. And then quantum jump back to the first thing I remember choosing.

Although not on the verge of Spring, rather Winter, I stood in my snow-covered driveway. I was very young, just five years old. So many memories from this time are unclear and there are few. Perhaps it was all the excitement of the day, Thanksgiving Day, and we were going to my grandma’s feast. I was prepared, standing in the snow, by the drive, watching the fumes grow into tiny white clouds as they met the cold.

My first pet, who was left on the road by his former owner, was there too. He was white and short. My dad never saw him, but I did. Quick feet, now in the house, standing alone, looking out to the empty field. A silent prayer, not for my dog, but rather for myself. A connection was made in my five-year old mind. I had heard it in Sunday school, but it wasn’t real. In the strangest of moments, my memory feels as though time literally stood still. I made this choice. Perhaps born out of the fear of dying, something in my soul understood.

I chose to believe, later I chose to follow, today I choose to live.

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