It’s been a long time here. I haven’t stopped writing, just going back to pen and paper, filling travel journals, documenting my kiddo’s lives and working out the questions and wonderings of my heart on something tangible. It’s suits me.

This will be a 5 Minute Friday post on the word, Belong.

A picture of my life two days ago:
1) Ever seeking to educate my children and keep there minds moving in the middle of summer I said to my youngest, “You should write a letter to someone. Who would you like to write to?” Very long pause. I was tempted after 5 seconds to make a suggestion, but waited him out. Then these words from my adopted son, “My dad.” He was not referring to my husband.
2) An hour later I was interviewing for a job that was to be very casual. Stress the casual part of the interview. I showed up in my pressed khaki bermudas, tank top and button up shirt. My hair my have been a little wet. Thirty minutes later, I was walked to the front door with a job offer in my hand.
3) Upon entering my home, I began decorating cupcakes and forming burgers for my twelve year old daughter’s Amazing Race birthday party later that evening. Important piece of information – there were 10 preteen girls in my home, all spending the night.
4) I am 41 but am under the impression that I am still living in my 30 year old body. I went to my chiropractor for an “adjustment.” Ahhhhh, thanks Kristin!
5) Made 3 gallons of lemonade, had my 1000th conversation with my youngest about the extreme importance I give to truth telling while the doorbell rang – birthday guests.
6) Drove one team of girls around town while simultaneously videoing with my phone on the steering wheel. That was probably a bad idea.
7) “Womaned” the grill for dinner
8) Actually sat in a quiet house and enjoyed a cool drink while the party moved to the school playground, because a large moving group of girls is cool and freeing.
9) Commence the present opening – glitter tatoos and body paint – oh my! Anxiety begins to creep up to my throat immediately!
10) Cleaning said glitter off the floor.
11) Because these conversations only happen at 12 midnight or later, I had a revealing heart-to-heart with my high school freshman daughter around 12:30 am.
12) Rolling my eyes at numerous requests for pillows and blankets because maybe 2 girls remembered to being them to the “sleepover.”
13) Record all this into my journal because this day reveals so much of where I am in my life at any given moment. God is good to me. That’s all I can say.
14) It’s 1:00 am. I crawl into bed. I’m hungry. I grab a handful of pretzels and tell myself to sleep.

These days I have questions about my place in this world, in the tiny little corner God has placed me. And then I’m given a gift of knowing where I belong. This day reminded me where I belong – as a wife, mother, friend and child of God. I belong in the small and big conversations of life. I belong in the place I live. I belong in the pain and joy, the absurd and logical. I belong here for now, for moments, and days, and years. There is a reminding of its short permanence, for I belong to a heavenly somewhere else. The beauty in belonging are the little pieces I see here on earth.

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