An Interrupted Giveaway!

To be interrupted. To break up or apart or get in between.

Mother of four, it’s a  fact of life. It’s annoying, it’s disrespectful, it’s frustrating, it makes me stop and sometimes distracts me to the point of wandering down another road I hadn’t intended.

Yet I’m learning to find joy in the in between. To trust the interruption. To embrace the wandering, the questions, the knowing that there is more and I’m not there yet.

I first read this book two years ago and am now reading it again. It disturbs me just how little time it took for me to lose sight of it – an interrupted life, living how it was intended to be.

And so, a rereading, a reminder this life is not my own.

Filled with humor, honesty, statistic, real-life challenge and dramatic change, Interrupted is teaching again the holiness found in things turned upside-down.

And so the giveaway: be the first to comment with your answer to this question and win an advanced copy of Interrupted, by Jen Hatmaker.

Consider your life as it is now. What would be the hardest thing to give up if God interrupted it? Maybe He already has – what was it?


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