A Holy Passion

Many have thought it, wondered it, stewed over it, but few have put words to it or uttered it aloud. All at once it seems crazy and obscene and completely right and good.

Over and over again I thought there must be something more. I knew something, many things about my life should be different, must be different, to align with the different way of Jesus. The American way, the “Dream,” as it were, I found empty, never content, always reaching for something more. But it never felt good, never felt right. It never felt holy.

This is easy – it’s because it wasn’t- my life was nearly the complete opposite of anything Christ did or said while he walked the dust of this earth. My life was all about me, my plans, my dreams, my order of operations.

And I found myself interrupted. It’s the best thing that’s ever come to me. This grand pause where everything actually seemed to stop and I was given this gift of seeing, really seeing, God giving exactly what I’d asked for – eyes to see – and He answered.

And all I felt was love.

God revealed this to me years before reading Jen Hatmakers book, Interrupted. As I turned each page documenting a life turned upside-down, reading the words of desire for “a holy passion,”  I crumbled because I knew I wasn’t alone. These things God had been showing me, he had been showing others.

Unashamedly, I urge you to add this book to your reading wish list. You won’t be disappointed. You’ll be challenged, mystified, (because he slaps the face of our comfortable lives), and find yourself encouraged through her journey that will leave you ready to begin your own. My questions were validated (not answered), and I was urged not to shrink back because God was showing me something I’d never seen before; freedom to live like Jesus. To go wherever he asked me to go. I was ready to follow. My heart was ready.

Oh, isn’t this the way of God. He is so patient with us. He waits for us. He loves us.

But what comforts would he ask me to give up? What would I do?

” A better question becomes, “Why does it matter?” It is not your responsibility to explain what God is doing with your life. He has not provided enough information to figure it out. Instead,  you are asked to turn loose and let God be God. Therein lies the secret to the “peace that transcends understanding,” writes James Dobson.

To which Jen Hatmaker expands, “Turning loose is part of preferring the bottom; it’s an unexpected front door to peace. But it is legitimately hard. It requires conscious decisions to abandon formerly vital things like reputation, perception, position, control. And make no mistake; if you begin to value a lower life, you will be misinterpreted and likely criticized. Most people don’t want American staples like comfort and safety and prosperity challenged. Your instincts will say, “defend and protect or possibly abandon ship,” but that is the worst internal advice ever. Don’t listen to yourself. You can lose it all – all the things you thought mattered most – and rise up to tell a better story yet. Turn it loose.”



One thought on “A Holy Passion

  1. Derek Lynas August 18, 2014 / 9:02 pm

    well done sweetie. thanks.

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