This was yesterday morning, just before leaving for work; The New Testament notices things which from our standards do not seem to count.

…blessed are the poor in spirit,

…blessed are the meek,

…blessed are the pure in heart, (the Beatitudes, Matthew 5)

I began a new position as an assistant teacher with a bunch of 5th grade boys who are very bright and lovely persons. There need for me? English is hard stuff and they are in a place, in a time where they must know it, use it, and understand it. I am absolutely in love with this job, with these kiddos, and I have been reminded of their young, pure hearts, exposed to the hard things of life at a young age. I’ve been confided in about the sadness they feel, their anxiety, their questions. I’ve been lied to out of a need to please and also avoid consequence. I’ve listened to small sobs escape from brave lips, calling expectant parents, with the news work wasn’t done, they failed. The day moves at a clip they struggle to keep up with as they cover and keep quiet. Unnoticed.

This is my ministry.

And didn’t Jesus always, always do this. He saw everyone and saw through everyone.

Little do these young boys know how they have already affected me. I am a mess of emotion, exhausted. And in the tired, unnoticed, days and nights, there is beauty and peace and rest.

Today, they were to use descriptive words of how to be a “Super Hero” to someone else. The Superman emblem was to be filled with their own ideas. Some got right to work; others sat, thoughtful. The words they wrote where personal, meaningful and left me wondering if anyone has ever been those things for them?

“Look for others who need a friend,”

“Help someone open their locker,”

“Take care of my baby sister”

How they care about each other, how they want to be noticed and praised and disciplined and loved.

So, to share my yesterday morning, that has turned into a yesterday night and into this afternoon, the end of Oswald Chambers timeless words…

Which are the people who have influenced us most? Not the ones who thought they did, but those who had not the remotest notion that they were influencing us. In the Christian life the implicit is never conscious; if it is conscious it ceases to have this unaffected loveliness which is the characteristic of the touch of Jesus. We always know when Jesus is at work because He produces in the commonplace something that is inspiring.

I am inspired by the unnoticed.

What inspires you?


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