A long time journal keeper and reading addict, writing has always been important to my life. Finding ways to weave words into deeper meaning and taking someone along on a journey to who knows where absolutely thrill me.

I am married to Derek and have four fabulous children. A lifelong learner, they teach and challenge me each day. You will find some tales of our interactions and places we go here…

A traveler (wonderer and wanderer) at heart, I fill journals with words and memory cards with pictures of what God shows me. I love to watch and listen to people and hear there stories. It’s the story that connects me to them and them to me and ultimately to our Creator.

There is so much for us – right here – to enjoy and share. It is my hope you’ll find encouragement, struggle, common pain and hope for something new in the stories that spill out from time to time.

Grace and Peace,


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