Free Day

It’s a snow day. A free day. Truly a free day for me as my kids operated under a two hour delay, but my school was closed! How does that happen? It may never happen again, so I am making the most of the quiet day to do as I like.

And “as I like” means praying, reading, digging, and dreaming about those who not free today.

The nearly 30 million people who are slaves to someone. The men and women and children who are making bricks in India, picking cocoa beans in Ivory Coast, servicing the evil desires of men from all over the world in Thailand, houseslaves in England, Haiti and America, and, and, and.

Human trafficking is present in some way in every country on this planet. It is fueled by greed, corruption, manipulation and power. It is a $32 billion a year business. A business of selling people, little children and their innocence. Turning a profit from weakness.

We’re appalled when we bring up the slave trade that took place years ago on our continent and in Europe. Yet most of us don’t understand and couldn’t begin to believe it is much worse today. In face there are more people enslaved today than in any other time in history. It’s quiet and hidden but not as much as we think.

Mail order brides, massage palors, nanny and maid services, countless hours performing back breaking work, some cleaning our companies and corporations, picking our food, satisfying our desires for something more, something better, something we don’t have to do because we’re better than that. Besides, they’re probably happy to have a job.

Spending 3 years on a ship at sea, gathering King Prawn shrimp to be sold to Europe and America, sleeping 2-3 hours a day, and not allowed to leave doesn’t sound like something anyone would want to do – ever.


Do you know any little girls who dream of making love to a 50 year old man? There is no choice in this life. It is chosen for them. They are beaten down, drugged up, and threatened with their lives to obey. And so they do. And so they do. And so they do. Maybe 10 times a day.

My fingers tremble to even try to put words to the reality of this life. There is so much more I don’t know.

But there is hope.

There are people all over the globe that are learning about human trafficking. Beginning to understand that maybe what they’ve seen, been told or conclusions they’ve drawn were innocent ignorance. And they are not sitting down about it.

A21, Not For Sale, Zoe International, Free the Slaves, International Justice Mission, and Polaris just to name a very small few are tirelessly working to educate, rescue and restore the lives of millions of people everywhere.

People are praying corporately, gathering in homes of friends, falling to their knees in their bedrooms, calling out to one who sees, who knows, who hears. God is with us. God is with all of us. And His Spirit grieves for His creation. And what is He doing about it?

He is pressing this issue heavily into our hearts and minds. He is reminding us that we were created for “such a time as this.” He is teaching us to do His work and watch Him at work, bringing life again to scared souls.

What will you do?
Are you willing to do one thing to fight back?

Martin Luther King said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

You can pray, you can buy a t-shirt ( or jewelry made by a survivor ( or, you can find out how the products you buy are impacted by labor trafficking and how you unknowingly have slaves working for you ( and make some purchasing changes, you can donate to any of the organizations above, you can learn how to spot a trafficking situation(, and you can teach your children. Teach them compassion, teach them real, honest facts and depending on age, the raw truth of life for others who live in this world with us and among us.

Do one thing.

If each of us does one thing, then there is a real possibility to see human trafficking come to an end once and for all.

What is your one thing?