More human than humanity

I’ve been reading¬†a book that continually undoes all I was taught or assumed about Jesus. Although I’ve come to know him as friend over the last several years, I never tire for great authors to tell me about the real Jesus, the one who wants me to really know him, as friend.

So I’ve been slowly making my way through a ¬†book, Beautiful Outlaw, by John Eldredge. Two weeks ago, I came across this quote from Chesterton he included in his chapter entitled, The Most Human Face of All:

“The strange kings fade into a far country and the mountains resound no more with the feet of the shepherds; and only the night and cavern lie in fold upon fold over something more human than humanity.”

I love the language, the way I have to read and reread these words, fold upon fold. And I am struck not only with the humanity of Christ, but the way we were meant to be. I picture Mary and Joseph, shepherds, and later, kings, looking into the eyes of a perfect human, Jesus. Looking at holiness. We were meant to be this way.

Jesus’s hand was in the creation of the “strange kings,” the mountains, the tired and worn feet of the keepers of the sheep. He was there when the night was separated by day and the formation of the rocky cave that served as his birthplace, in a tiny town where nothing of significance happened.

A perfect human, Immanuel, God With Us – more human than we are, but as we will one day be.

Longing for that day – to look into perfect love and fully realize who I was meant to be.